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Drinking water treatment plant – water desalination.

LitePure®- Plant designed to treat saline water from different sources: seawater, brackish water etc. The LitePure® eliminates all solids, impurities, chemicals, bacteria and viruses from raw water. The LitePure® combines several filtration and water purification processes into one integral unit that is designed specifically to supply drinking water at any site and under any conditions.

Raw water:

Sea Water  
Brackish Water
Ground water
Surface water
Salinity: TDS up to 40,000 ppm

Flow rates:

20 – 20,000 m3/day

Technical specification and main components:

Multimedia Depth Filtration – ODIS multimedia filters.
Activated carbon filtration - ODIS multimedia filters.
Pre RO treatment – micro-filtration and antiscalant.
RO unit.
Disinfaction unit.
CIP unit – Clean-In-Place.
Optional mineral recovery unit.
System is fully automatic.

Treated water guaranteed:

Drinking water quality with TDS < 200 ppm, no heavy metals or solids.


Economical - Each system is designed specifically under consideration of customer needs and budget.

Modular – system size and flow can be increased at any time simply by adding more elements (container, skid or filters).

Maintenance – CIP process increase membranes lifetime.

Automatic – Each system is fully automatic and all operating modes controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

High quality drinking water - LitePure® is designed to remove over 98% of dissolved inorganic matter, over 95% of total dissolved organics and all colloidal and suspended matter larger than 0.05 micron.

Plug n' Play – Each system is assembled and tested in the factory prior to shipment. LitePure® models C, S & T are ready to operate as they leave the factory and no further on-site assembly are needed.


Small and medium size communities and municipalities.
Hotels and resorts.
Small and medium military bases.
Emergency relief organizations.
Remote and rural areas.

Optional items:

Water storage tanks, concentrate disposal unit, Independent power source (generator, solar), remote control, alarms by SMS, water quality on-line controllers (PH, Chlorine, Turbidity, etc.), on-site mobile laboratory, water tanks, on-site chlorine generator, chemicals (disinfectants, coagulants etc.).
Can be combined with other Odis systems for complete water treatment package.






WTP name
Max Flow rate
LitePure C
Containerized RO WTP
20' / 40' ft container
50 m3/h
LitePure S
Skid mounted RO WTP
Up to 2 X 8 m skid
20 m3/h
LitePure T
Trailer mounted RO WTP (Mobile)
2 X 4 m (2 Trailers)
4 m3/h
RO WTP which is built and assembled on-site
Specific design
850 m3/h (20,000 m3/day)


Neo-plast Industry je ekskluzivni zastupnik za područje Srbije i Balkana.